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  1. Order
  2. Delivery terms
  3. Delivery date
  4. Discounts
  5. Payment terms
  6. Claim
  1. Order form - form specifying interest in the product
  2. Email - use e-mail in case of interest in product according to your own design
  3. Customer measurements-MALE - data for the production of the armour or part thereof
  4. Customer measurements-FEMALE - data for the production of the armour or part thereof
  5. Data needed for hangers - data for a supply of sword hangers

1) Order

The Customer will be notified of our delivery and payment terms when placing a written or verbal order. In case of the written order, the prepared form must be completed. The order will be manufactured according to the catalogue pattern or customer´s design.

2) Delivery terms

  1. EXW - the Customer accepts the goods from the place of production.
  2. Delivery to domestic customers (postage and carriage covered by the customer).
  3. Delivery to foreign customers (postage and carriage covered by the customer in accordance with international tariffs).

3) Delivery date

The delivery date shall be agreed between the customer and the manufacturer. The manufacturer reserves the right to extend the delivery date in well-founded cases (demanding production, etc. )

4) Discounts

All prices are calculated per individual item manufacturing. In case of series of items (5 and more per individual product) the price shall be calculated individually.

5) Payment terms

The ordered goods shall be paid for in advance (deposit). The customer will pay 50% of the purchase money before manufacturing is begun. The remaining monies shall be paid by the customer as per delivery terms on accepting the goods.

Payment can be made by wire transaction (T/T), bank to bank transfer.

In the event of goods not being taken by the customer within 20 days after the proposed original delivery date the manufacturer is entitled to a discount of 20 - 50% according to the financial demands of manufacture. Any discount will be decided by the manufacturer.

6) Claim

On receipt of the goods the customer is thereby bounden to inspect them immediately and must inform the manufacturer about eventual defects, in writing, within one week.

The legalities are valid for latent defects.


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