Dear customer!

Grex armouring company has been producing fully functional armours and their parts since 1989.

According to what do we produce? We produce armour replicas on customer request or by our company design. The photo or the drawing can be a model.

Which material do we use? We process the available materials by hand to authenticate traditional techniques. We usually use the thickness of material 1mm-1,5 mm and then the complete armour weighs about 30 kilos. It is possible to treat steel to the thickness 4 mm, but the weight of the armour overtops 50 kilos.

Surface treatments? Surface treatments (eg. polishing, blueing, blacking, patina coating), decorating (eg. grooving, fluting, knurling, etching) and other work give our products a true historic appearance. The armour then can look like a new one or we can make it nearer to museum appearance for decorative purposes.

Grex armouring company, with its individual approach to customers, strives to satisfy all their wishes.















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